Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Show 02/09/09

Today on the show, there was a lot of talk about President Obama's economic stimulus package, which Ray says is loaded down with too much pork. He's got a lot to say on the subject in the audio post below.

Also on the show, Father Jonathan Morris of FOX News called in to talk about his new book, The Promise, which explores why people suffer in this world.

Jeff Monroe, director of the Yarmouth International Airport in Nova Scotia, stopped by the studio, along with Starlink Aviation's Brenda Libby to talk about new air service being offered between Portland, Maine and Nova Scotia.

Ray comments on all of the above in the audio post below.


Les Gibson said...

Well, as we have all seen on Friday, Febuary 13, House Speaker Pelosi lied to the American people, again. She promised transparency on the "Porkulous" bill and then pulled another midnight auto supply on the people.
Why? So she wouldn't be late for her latest boondoggle to Europe. We must not hold up Queen Nancy!

I am very, very disappointed with Senators Collins and Snowe. Once again they have abandoned fiscal conservative values in the name of getting along with the Democratic Bufoons to continue to lead our country down the path of financial ruin.

Ray, I completely agree that this "Porkulous" bill will not create the jobs that President Obama, Queen Nancy and King Wannabe Ried have promised. I believe, in the long run, it will cost more jobs and ultimately will only achieve passing this massive debt on to our children and grandchildren.

By pulling another midnight auto supply and refusing to allow the MANDATORY 48 hour review of the "porkulous" bill and forcing an up or down vote Queen Nancy has perpetrated another fraud on all of us.

But, that's okay, I'm sure she won't give it another thought will she's lounging about some European Villa.

Les Gibson said...

I also believe that Senators Snowe and Collins have placed their political futures in jepardy by siding with the Democrats on this fraud.

While listening to an afternoon radio show from Boston, many Mainers were calling into the show and all of them were lambasting Snowe and Collins for their support of the Porkulous bill.

I strongly supported Senator Collins re-election last year because I believed she was a much better choice than Tom Allen.

I may have to reconsider that stance if she runs for re-election again.