Friday, February 20, 2009

Morning Show 02/20/09

Today on the show, Gene Johnson, CEO of FairPoint Communications, was in the studio to talk about his company's plans to hire 100 new sales and sales support staff for jobs in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Deputy Chief Jason Moen of the Auburn Police Department calls into the studio to talk about the department's Facebook page, which the department recently used to help solve a burglary case.

Alan Cartwright executive director of the Susan Curtis Foundation, and Emily Wever director of Camp Susan Curtis, were in the studio to talk about the work they do with impoverished children of Maine.

Kris Dorer of Maine Handicapped Skiing was on the show to talk about her organization, a program that teaches adaptive sports activities to people with physical disabilities.

Republican operative Roy Lenardson joined the show to talk about various issues, including Nancy Pelosi's visit with the Pope.

John Williams of Williams Broadcasting joined the show to talk about this weekend's ski conditions and upcoming NASCAR events.

Ray talks about all these guests, and serves up a sneak peek at next week's lineup, in the audio post below. Give it a listen.


Bruce said...

I saw a few minutes of your show this am while you were talking about the death penalty for rape, murder etc.
How do you feel about the 11 year old who shot his dad's pregnant fiance with the 20 gauge that dad bought him for Christmas

The right wing in PA seems to love trying 10 and above year olds as adults these days. and they have the death penalty

What do you think, should they fry the little guy?
What punishment should his dad have for supplying the murder weapon. Careful, don't anger your gun lover friends here.

Anonymous said...

So happy that Mr. Johnson is happy whilst changing his engine at 30,000 feet. My family however left Fairpoint as of two weeks ago and Fairpoint still can't seem to release our number. They are effectively blocking my entire family and anyone else with a Fairpoint from calling me. And of course they are blaming my new provider. Listening to Mr. Johnson I finally understand. As I am no longer a customer Fairpoint doesn't care how much trouble they cause me.
He doesn't need to create 100 new jobs he needs to create 1000 then maybe I will be allowed to leave Fairpoint far behind.