Monday, March 2, 2009

Morning Show 03/02/09

Adjutant General Bill Libby of the Maine National Guard stopped by for an unscheduled visit during the snowstorm, and talked over several topics with Ray and Ted, including healthcare options for veterans.

Dave Maddox of the Weather Channel called in to tell us what to expect from this latest snowstorm in Maine.


Bruce said...

As Reagen would say "There you go again" You left out the children part of your "let em freeze" equation. Are you for taking children from the families of those who do not "want" to work?

Have you noticed that N H is looking to expand their health care program that now insures poeple under 18.?
Looks like they are trying to be more like us. Good for them.
Webster will have to look hard to find what he calls average working Mainers. What is your and his definition of "average"?

Ken W said...

Ray how do you feel about Rush Limbar wishing our government fails
I dis like Obama probly more then you but We should not be wishing our goverment fails. This man needs to be silenced or republican party is going to be broken beyond repair! I am in doubts my self if this guy is republican or is he a communist! How do you feel about him!

Bruce said...

Ray said
Obama is Jesus Christ of America !!

Ray it is only you right wingers who believe that. Come to think of it,that is probably why you are so down on him.

If guys like you were around after the Sermon on the Mount, you probably would have provided the hammer and nails for the cross.

Do you ever listen to what you have said after the show?

Bruce said...

Ray must be off consulting with Rush

Ray Richardson said...

Rush did not say he wanted our government to fail. He said that if Barack Obama wants to bring socialism to our nation, he wants him to fail. So do I.

I reject socialism. It is anti to the idea that is at the core of the American experience, the idea that the best and the brightest, those who work hard and smart will rise to the top.

Socialism is a concept that basically says, nobody should be any higher or any lower than anyone else. That runs against everything I believe.

Those who seek greatness, who are willing to sacrifice to achieve it, should be rewarded for their efforts and should not be forced to share with another who was un-willing to make such sacrifices.

If the President wants to restore our economy, support policies that gets America back to work and keep the American dream alive .... I support him.

If the President wants to take from some and give to others because he has a warped sense of justice, ie ... from each according to their ability, to each according to their need ... I hope he fails.

America has achieved great things because we have, at our core, believed in the idea of rugged individualism and self-reliance, that if you work hard enough and smart enough, you can achieve your dreams .... I believe in that America.

I do not believe in that other America, the one where we apologize for being great.

Bruce said...

Socialism is a concept that basically says, nobody should be any higher or any lower than anyone else. That runs against everything I believe.

You are wrong in your thinking
You are taklking about pure socialism
I suppose you want pure capitalism?

A mix of the two works best.

Unfortunately there are a lot of best and brightests out there who do not rise to the top because of the socioeconomic group they were born into.

The countries of Western Europe that have some socialsim still have those that have and have not, but at least they have health insurance.
When I lived in Belgium all of my service people who did repairs for my landlord were small businesses. Competition is alive and well in countries that have socialised some aspects of their system
As for our greatness. True greatness comes from admitting when you are wrong and apologizing and making amends.
Your way of thinking is truly scary. Might is Right is your way