Friday, March 6, 2009

Morning Show 03/06/09

Today on the show, Major General Bill Libby of the Maine National Guard stopped by to talk about troop deployment, President Obama's plans regarding Iraq, and the State Partnership Program between Montenegro and Maine.

Local business owners Charles Hamilton of Coastline Confections Jon Pert of Entertain Ya Mania were in the studio to talk about their businesses, which will be featured at this year's New England Products Trade Show, the annual gathering of manufacturers of giftware and specialty food items from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

On the show today, Ray maintained that no elected leader serving today will be remembered in 100 years, with the exception of Barack Obama, who he says will be remembered as our first black president rather than his accomplishments. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments section.


alaska said...

Ray, what happened to your show this morning? I tried to watch you (a little later than when I usually do) around 6:30 and there was a stupid informercial on for Dean Martin videos. His drunken humor is very old and I really wanted to get your slant on the mess we are in. Keep up your good work and pressure on Augusta and Washington. If we go down this dark abyss long enough, maybe enough of the voters will realize that we conservatives are holding the light to find our way out!
- Jim Means, Gorham

Bruce said...

Actually Dean was a breath of fresh air from all the ranting

Conservatives(not Yankee conservatives) lost the light long ago.