Thursday, March 5, 2009

Morning Show 03/05/09

Today on the show, Tarren Bragdon of the Maine Heritage Policy Center was in the studio to talk about the earmarks in the current budget, and the wasteful spending our goverment is funding.

Film advocates Cameron Bonsey and Barney Martin came by to talk about the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel Bag of Bones, which the filmmakers are lobbying to produce here in Maine. Bonsey and Martin talked about a meeting the filmmakers had with Gov. Baldacci yesterday trying to negotiate incentives for the film industry.

Jason Gibbons (a.k.a. "The White Shadow") of the Harlem Superstars was in the studio to talk about the work his team is doing with kids and to perform a few tricks with the ball.

Ray discusses these guests in the audio post below, and serves up a sneak peak of tomorrow's show. Give it a listen.


Rigby said...

Ray, you didn't mention the doctor who phoned in about sex-ed. I was curious about your reaction to what she said, since that segment ended abruptly and you had guests on in the next spot.

She cited studies indicating that teen pregnancies are highest in schools that teach abstinence-only education. Those same studies indicate that teen sexual activity does NOT go up in schools that teach students about birth control. In fact, she seemed to suggest that teen sexual activity may go down slightly in schools that teach students about birth control.

It was very interesting, and I was curious about your response to her segment.

Bruce said...

Ask Sarah Palin

Cutting sex ed in school worked for her family